Mitrailleursnest "Marinepeilhauptstelle Brügge" - Château "Ter Linden"

Back Wittemolenstraat, Brugge

Here you can see the only remains of the German naval base in Bruges. There were around 300 people on this base, which received its orders direct from Naval High Command in Berlin and was at the service of military intelligence. On the base there was a castle, Ter Linden Castle, a number of bunkers, barracks and more than 2.6 km of trenches. On Whit Sunday 28 May 1944 the base was bombed twice, first at around midday and then for a second time in the early evening. No fewer than 40 civilians and 19 Germans lost their lives. Altogether 192 tonnes of bombs were dropped by 202 aircraft, 155 of which found their target. You can still see a bunker here, along with a bomb, which was discovered during excavations in the vicinity of the bunker. Neither is in its original location any longer.

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