Back Seething Tower, Norfolk

Airfield museum dedicated to American 488 Bomb Group.

Like so many airfields in Norfolk, Seething was constructed in the middle of the war (1942-3) and was given over to American use; Seething becoming the home for 448 Bomb Group from the 2nd Air Division, operating B-24 Liberators.

The Group arrived at Seething in late 1943 and until 1945 flew 262 missions, with the loss of 101 aircraft.

On 22nd April 1944 the airfield was the scene of a rare occurrence: an air battle that took place overhead and resulted in the loss of five aircraft. Following a raid on Hamm in Germany the American aircraft were pursued back to Britain by German fighters. As it was nearing nightfall, Allied planes and airfields switched on their landing lights which made them targets and British anti-aircraft fire attempting to hit the German intruders only succeeded in hitting several American planes.

488 Bomb Group left in the summer of 1945 and the airfield soon reverted to agricultural use. During the 1950s the site was acquired by a flying club and part of the former airfield is used today as an airstrip. There are two memorials on the site, one at the modern clubhouse and another next to the former control tower that now houses a small museum.

The museum is run by volunteers and so visitors should check opening times with the museum website before a visit.

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