Back Kanaalweg 22, 4337 PA Middelburg

Plaque of remembrance in the hall of the Middelburg railway station. The plaque commemorates the deportation of approximately eighty Zeeland Jews from Middelburg railway station to the concentration camps on 24 March 1942.

The initiative  to create the plaque was taken by Jan van der Weel, former Middelburg alderman. The Stichting Synagoge Middelburg (Middelburg Synagogue Foundation) made an effort to realize this work of art. The foundation was supported by the municipality of Middelburg and the Province of Zeeland.

The plaque of remembrance was designed by Appie Drielsma (1937), who himself survived the Holocaust. The plaque was officially revealed by Karla Peijs, Royal Commissioner and Koos Schouwenaar, mayor of the city of Middelburg on 16 March 2011.

The plaque has the following text in Dutch:

Op 24 maart 1942 begon de lange reis van de Zeeuwse Joden naar de vernietigingskampen 1940 – 1945

English translation:

On March 24th. 1942 started the long journey of the Zeeland Jews to the concentration camps 1940 – 1945

And in Hebrew (English translation):

The name of the dead will not be obliterated from amongst his brethren and the gate of his city. Ye are witnesses.

The Middelburg railway station

The Middelburg railway station

Hall of the Middelburg railway station

Hall of the Middelburg railway station

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